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Economic & Market Overview – May 2018

Global The moderation in growth across advanced economies in the first quarter of 2018 suggests that global economic growth could be less robust than anticipated this year, though the downturn is unlikely to be prolonged. Compared to the last quarter of 2017, both the Eurozone (0.4%) and the United Kingdom (0.1%) grew at a pedestrian pace. Underlying conditions in these two regions, however, remain firm, indicating that the slowdown is temporary. Global PMI figures for April point to a recovery in the second quarter of this year as manufacturing conditions improved across the board. Fairly...

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Economic & Market Overview – April 2018

Global The Trump administration’s move to impose tariffs on the import of various goods from China cannot yet be described as a trade war, but the first punches in this scuffle has certainly introduced additional volatility in global markets. For now, real sector data aligns broadly with stable global growth for 2018. The outlook for 2019 is less assured, as concerns of overheating in the United States continue to weigh on consensus forecasts and speculation mounts of a full-blown stand-off between Donald Trump and Xi Jinping. Apparent spare capacity in the Eurozone and Japan’s labour markets...

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Economic and Market overview – March 2018

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Global Around the globe, economic prospects remain favourable despite mixed data from the Eurozone and China over the last couple of months. Most of the readings of manufacturing PMI across most economies remain consistent with strong output growth for 2018. China is the exception with its softening in manufacturing data suggesting a slowdown in underlying demand over the course of the year. Bearing in mind that their economy (now the second largest in the world) is still growing in excess of 5% per annum (6.5% is the official growth rate), they remain a significant contributor to global economic...

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