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Building a Family

As we start our adult lives, after school or studies, we form relationships that over time are normally celebrated in a joyous occasion when two young people are joined together in marriage. The young married couple invariably aspire to create a home for them and their family, although they may be somewhat cash strapped. The reality of life is that, from that moment onwards, most of their income will be applied to the funding of their lifestyle and for providing a proper education for their children.

While you or your spouse may or may not have some experience and knowledge of financial products and financial planning per se, Pentagon Financial Solutions PTA (Pty) Ltd can guide you through your family’s changing financial requirements and needs. In most cases, a proper financial plan for a family is sometimes based on, for example, the implications of the financial agreement (i.e. the Ante Nuptial Contract) between you and your spouse entered into before you got married. At all times, the most pertinent risks during any particular life phase, i.e. income protection during unforeseen illness or disability, or high debt levels, or provision for the education of your children, needs to be provided for in a cost effective but coherent manner, taking into account all aspects considered relevant for the continued well-being of your family. In this process, the reality of the eroding nature of inflation also needs to be considered.

We can, therefore, provide a client with advice and the appropriate product solutions inclusive of inter alia Income Protection for both spouses to guard against extended period of illness, Life Cover for both spouses to provide for your family once you pass away and assisting in investing savings within a diversified portfolio according to a client’s individual risk profile. We can assist you in the drawing up of your last will and testament, and give guidance in the nomination of guardians or trustees with the right profile, to ensure that your remaining children are well taken care off.